Commercial Design


By creating a team partnership with yourself and our design team, we can best focus on your unique requirements and specific needs. We start by asking questions. We listen carefully to you. We strive to develop the vision for the space. We utilize our creative talents and ideas to offer long term solutions for your project. We determine the solutions while keeping you involved and informed. Dedicated to satisfying our clients long term, our project management style utilizes hands-on coordination and participation in creating the design experience.

Office design is more than a desk, a file, a cubicle. Each of us works; the environment we work in can be supportive of our success or detract from it. Our goal is to create a work environment that supports the goals of your company and nurtures you and your staff. A supportive work environment fosters growth and achievement.

Space Planning and Design will affect learning, productivity, creativity, employee morale, company branding and performance. We specialize in putting the puzzle pieces together, to help your company grow.

First, we will interview you and/or your staff to discern preferences, adjacency benefits and spatial/storage needs. We conduct a workspace planning analysis. With the analysis we will determine what elements of your current office layout is working, what isn't, and how can we make it better. Space plans are prepared with your input and fine-tuned for maximum benefit to you and your staff. Interior Design and the Development of the "look" of the space is a next step in creating an interior that speaks your message to your clients and helps you grow your business. Next, we select and specify materials, finishes, lighting, products to complete the interior. Lastly, we offer implementation services project coordination to ensure the design is executed.

Emphasizing creation of the total environment through lighting, color, texture, furniture and fabric, we offer coordination from start to finish.

Whether you are considering expanding or remodeling your existing space, or moving into an entirely new space, we help you manage the many tasks required to make your project a success. We engage our highly qualified network of trained professionals to assist in completing the project.