Commercial Design Process

This is a basic outline of how a typical project might go from beginning to end and what services are usually included.

Preliminary Project Meeting

We meet with you to discuss your project so that we can get an understanding of your wants and needs, evaluate if your project is feasible and prepare a proposal agreement outlining our services and fees.

Execute Agreement and Pay Retainer
The Schematic Design Phase

We review your project needs and we pull together all your wants, needs, and must haves for your project and develop the vision for your project through design presentations with drawings, samples and sketches. We present initial concepts and plans for your review and approval.

The Design Development Phase

Once the initial concept has been determined, we research the necessary components of the design to determine means and methods of implementation. Our designs are presented in various forms, including 2D plans and elevations and 3D drawings so we can convey our design ideas to you.  We also keep our eye on your budget by presenting estimated costs.

The Contract Document Phase

We take your approved design and add the necessary detail that contractors can bid and construct.  We walk you through these drawings for your final review so that we can make any desired adjustments. We finalize any comments you might have and complete a finalized set of drawings.


We assist you in the bidding process, including sending out bid invitations, collecting bids, answering questions, and reviewing the contractor bids. We then meet with you to review the bids.

Permit Submission

If you have not selected a contractor and want to start the permitting process, we will assist you in filling out the permit application. We do not typically submit construction documents to the building authority under basic services, but we can do that if you opt for expanded permit services.

Project Administration

We are available to answer questions from you and the contractors throughout the entire construction of your project.  We process the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Project Coordination Services

We are not a contractor and we do not perform contractor duties. We leave that to professionals so that we can focus on the design of your project. However, if you would like a us to coordinate the details of the project, we do partner with several very reputable contractors to perform this type of project. If you already have a contractor selected, we can work with you and your contractor to complete your space. This is a great option to help you manage the many details and decisions that arise during the implementation process.

Architectural, MEP and Structural Engineering Consultants

We have Architectural and Engineering Consultants that we continually work with so that we can coordinate the completion of your project.