Springbrook Animal Care Center | Cat Friendly Area

Cat Friendly Area
Springbrook Animal Care Center, Naperville, IL

For this project, our goal was to create a cat-friendly area. This area is adjacent to the seating area in the animal hospital, but the two rooms are kept separated. In order to be cat-friendly certified, a space must have a separate entrance for the cats, must have separation from dogs and all other animals that might make the cats fearful. The area is typically pretty small due to the smaller nature of cats and their carriers. When the cats are brought into the hospital, they are usually in their carriers and there needs to be a space for the carriers to be set on. Our solution to this was to use movable translucent planters that color coordinated with the furniture and design of the existing space.

Project Highlights

  • Fresh green translucent panels create privacy while letting light pass through.
  • The mobility of the planters allows flexibility in the arrangement of the space for the future.