Springbrook Animal Care Center

Lobby, Reception, Lab and Exam Rooms
Springbrook Animal Care Center, Naperville, IL

Springbrook Animal Care Center is the premier pet care center of the Western Suburbs. The facility is a state-of-the art amenity center for pets and their owners. It serves the surrounding community and provides 24/7/365 care of pets in an aesthetically stunning environment constructed with sustainable materials designed to promote health. The new 15,840 square foot Animal Hospital Facility conveniently located on Route 59, just north of 95th Street in Naperville, Illinois. As the leader in the care of small animals, Springbrook Animal Care Center provide the highest quality of pet care in the Western suburbs.

Springbrook Animal Care Center is the first of its kind in the area and offers an array of resources and services for both pet owners and pets, all designed to appeal to the local community, and showcase some of the most innovative energy-saving technologies used in the country including recycling, water reuse, solar heating and cooling, rainwater collection, aquaponics and bio-digestion. The energy-efficient building is designed for visitor and pet comfort and good health. Projected to open in the fall of 2013, Springbrook Animal Care Center is becoming the go-to destination for pet owners in the Far West Suburbs.

Ceramic tile, which looks like wood, is arranged in subtle, detailed patterns, adding interest to the large, open space. The colors for the walls were carefully selected to bring the height of the room down to human scale while fostering a sense of tranquility. LEED Accredited Interior Designer and Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Joan Kaufman, has carefully balanced the 5 elements in the space to promote prosperity and health. Maple trim has been applied in patterns that help create separation to allow for four color bands that are back-lit with state of the art, LED lighting than gracefully accentuates the stone backdrop.

The reception desk and display cabinets were designed using no formaldehyde, no VOC materials that are highly durable for pets. The facility is ADA accessible, pet-friendly, eco- friendly, and highly durable. Kaufman states “We are pleased to work with a team of dedicated professionals. Designing the space using sustainable materials will benefit the health of the animals’ long term.” Kaufman is a LEED Accredited Professional and orchestrated the interiors while working with the project team.

The Treatment area features open space with columns clad in natural cedar for durability. Faux columns clad in maple were added to create interest and accentuate the high ceilings. Alternating colors were selected for each function in the treatment area and incorporate the colors from the main atrium lobby to connect the spaces.

The surgery rooms, dental procedure room and main are adjacent to the treatment area. Finishes were selected to coordinate and compliment the treatment area. The exposed ductwork and pipes are painted in alternating colors throughout the facility.

The kennel areas were designed for different levels of pet owner needs. The standard sized kennels have multi colored panels in an alternating pattern of green and blue that coordinates with the ceramic tile in the space and adds interest. The large sized kennels are designed with tan and an alternating single color, between green and blue from room to room.

The grooming area and bathing areas include heated drying cages for after shower/bath comfort. The materials are highly durable and designed to be cleaned to maintain sanitary conditions.

Project Highlights

  • A fully equipped on site lab allows for instant test results for pet patients and offers basic pharmacy advantages.
  • State of the art equipment and lighting is provided in each of the surgery areas as well as the dental and exam rooms. Heated cages increase the speed of post-surgery recovery.
  • The Kennel Suites are fully ceramic with subtle tile patterns, optional heated floors and glass doors to provide the ultimate pet care. Each stall in the suites kennel area is monitored via computer for proper comfort. Natural light is incorporated into the space with the use of skylights.
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