Chicago Wolves Headquarters

Reception and Meeting Room
Chicago Wolves Headquarters, Glenview, IL

Located in Glenview, Illinois, The Chicago Wolves headquarters office houses the marketing, ticket sales, sound booth, recording studio, and full administrative staff. The Chicago Wolves Professional Hockey Team practice facility is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and was also designed by Interior Planning & Design, Inc.

Some unique features of the 9,889 sq. ft. facility include a glass block divider wall in the reception area with a 10′ high angled glass block wall backlit with halogen accent lighting. The flooring in the reception area features stone in a violet tone that complements the burgundy and gold team jersey color. The walls feature a grid pattern created with a Pitcon reveal system with Zolatone custom paint.

The corporate meeting space features parabolic lighting, carpet with feature design, and custom Zolatone paint as a backdrop to mounted championship jerseys. Light maple was specified to coordinate with the color scheme of the space: (burgundy and jersey gold). Timeless black leather seating completes the ensemble for a professional sporty meeting space.

The employee offices and work areas are separated from the main reception and conferencing area by a glass block wall. The employee areas feature a stripe at the ceiling line the resembles the striping on the team jersey, complimented by light maple doors that bring out the gold jersey color. Team jerseys and championship jerseys line the walls of the office showcasing this award-winning team.

Project Highlights

  • The training Offices and conference rooms are placed along the interior of the Ice. The windows allow for reflected light and a direct view of the ice for practices, filming and general observation…and motivation!
  • An executive office suite resides at a central point of the second floor and includes an interior courtyard surrounded by full height glass walls showcasing a 16ft x 16ft pyramid sky-light. A soundproof room was also created to provide the Chicago Wolves with the ability to record radio commercials and other promotional spots on-site.