Family Room & Powder Room Remodel

The client loves the look and feel of a Moroccan style and wanted that flair to be incorporated into their home. This project gave us the opportunity to custom design many items. The project encompassed remodeling the family room and powder room, bringing in Moroccan details and elements.

We added crown molding that features two layers, one of which has Moroccan detailing. The windows are dressed with Conrad shades, which are handmade grass cloth that allow for natural lighting in the room while maintaining privacy. From the bronze decorated cornice board hangs drapes that have hand sewn beads. Every detail was considered when creating this Moroccan style.

Each piece of furniture was carefully selected and designed to complement the style of the room and provide comfortable living. The sofas are filled with spring down and are covered with a butterscotch-colored fabric. The use of soft, plush textures within the space add warmth. Throughout the room, pops of turquoise and coral brick red accent the butterscotch backdrop to create a colorful, stylish space.

Accent furniture pieces were carefully chosen for their exquisite detail and craftsmanship to add interest and drama to the space.

The client desired to have a dramatic fireplace as the center of the room. We revitalized the traditional colonial fireplace and transformed it into a stunning, glazed tile fireplace with the Moroccan details and look the client loves. Wood molding was installed to create a symmetrical wall design emphasizing the fireplace. The original mantle and brick were replaced, creating a stunning focal point for the room.

We designed a simple, stair-stepped wood mantle to accentuate the new fireplace with butterscotch, hand-glazed tiles. The tile pieces were all individually selected, glazed, and placed into our design, and decorative fixtures were added for a beautifully detailed look.

The powder room is created as a unique gem for the client to enjoy. The vanity was custom designed with the decorative wood pattern, the bronze mirror was hand-selected, and the Filmore Clark tiles were individually designed and hand-glazed for a delightful Moroccan flair. The turquoise sink features a silver embossed pattern. We added a new shower with rain glass and an upward-extending wall of tiles. The ceiling features a lovely turquoise wallpaper with a metallic embossed pattern. Each surface is special, and each component plays off another to create this fun, “treasure box” powder room with a Moroccan flair.

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