Naperville Animal Hospital | Cat Friendly Area

Cat Friendly Area
Naperville Animal Hospital, Naperville, IL

For this project, the goal was to create a “Cat friendly” area. An energetic yet peaceful space was created for the cats with a theme of nature with natural spring green colors.

This area is within a private entrance exclusive to cats within the animal hospital. In order to be cat friendly certified, a space must have a separate entrance for the cats, must have separation from dogs and all other animals that might make the cats fearful. The area is typically pretty small due to the smaller nature of cats and their carriers.

When the cats are brought into the hospital, they are usually in their carriers: a space needs to be provided for the carriers to be set on during wait time and also for owners who wish to hold their pets. Our solution was to create a banquette with a backlit panel featuring natural grasses. We also added a gate to ensure the separation of the seating area from the rest of the facility.

We went on to update the lighting and painted the lockers to blend into the space so that the banquette and panel could be the focal point of the room.

Project Highlights

  • Storage for cat carriers.
  • Banquette with a backlit panel and a nature theme.
  • Lockers were painted to blend.
  • Upgraded lighting was added throughout the space.
  • Frosted glass with reverse etched logo allows for privacy while allowing light into the exam area.
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